Who We Are

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We are LSMG, We CreateBuildDevelopRe-Think Solutions

Every company has a story, let us help you tell yours. We help businesses and individuals alike to reach their goals by optimizing strengths and improving weaknesses.


To empower business owners to create their own way and to provide valuable insights to drive long term success.


To build confidence in businesses, individuals and teams that they may find purpose and meaning in their work.


We provide strategies and resources to develop tools that already exist. We take a holistic approach that produces results.
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Who We Are

A group of people that want to share our experiences with others and empower businesses to make decisions that have a positive impact on the world.

We started out as a small production company and as we figured out what owning a business was all about, we noticed, so was everyone else. As we helped ourselves, we naturally were positioned to help others, and voila, our consulting firm was born.

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Meet Our Team

Great teams work to both strengths and weaknesses and that is exactly what we do.

Experience expanding over 7 industries and 25 years, Christopher and Rachel lead the executive team. Their hands on approach will ensure they not only understand your problems, but know what to do to fix them.

Some of Our Clients

We are so glad to have worked with some great companies.