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Imagining what the future looks like is fun, but even our imagination has bias. We consume books, tv shows and movies that begin set the stage and standards for what something should look like versus what it will look like. Every voluntary thing we do can be related back to a thought. We must think before we do or speak is how we are wired. But what others do can directly affect our thoughts.

If you were told that in the future, we would have flying cars; maybe you saw it on a movie or two (Back to The Future III [They visit the year 2015]). Would it impact your thought process to the degree that if you grew up to be a mechanic, that you would try to make a car fly? Sure it might be a fun project, but would it look like the future.

Elon Musk is not building flying cars, but he is building electric cars, and tunnels. It may not be what the future was suppose to look like, but it is the future.

Our perceived future seems to be determined by what visionaries say it to be, but does it pause our steps forward to only meet the expectations, or does it create new ideas? 

Ideas are easy to come by, however executing those ideas are far and in between. Those of us that can see past the suggestive actions of others and execute the actions of our own unadulterated imagination and critical thinking will be the ones who succeed.

Drones and the new Flying Cars, Tunnels are the new sky highways, AR/VR is the new teleportation, and Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple Homekit are the new personal assists. The list goes on but new thing is for sure. The future will look different than what it looks like.

Ways to not let future outlook effect your future reality?

  • Do not measure your success by other peoples standards.
  • Ask yourself, are you retrofitting the solution or re-thinking the problem?
  • Your biggest failure in life will be the lack of your own imagination.
  • If you are reading about the next big thing, you probably missed it.