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Microsoft Powered Services

All Microsoft Plan are managed and come with additional LSMG support. All purchases shall go through terms and conditions prior to completing the order. If contract terms are not in place, no refunds will be issued.
Cyber Security Plans may be purchased even if LSMG does not manage your Microsoft account. Terms and conditions must be in place prior to completing your purchase.

Advertising Services

Advertising methods are constantly changing and what used to work just doesn’t anymore. We offer very direct services to address specific advertising requirements for your business and to ensure you are not just falling victim to another SEO money pit. We work with you to create quality content and web presence, not just optimization. Our strategies allow you to jump all in or just get your toes wet. Whatever you feel comfortable with, we are ok with too. Our approach is simple, educate you, provide complete transparency, and hold each other accountable.

Web Services

Our specialty is offering completely managed website services including, hosting, design, updates, maintenance, and security. However, we do offer self managed solutions that allow you to tap into our resources and give you the support you need as your business grows.

To Inquire about our web services, please contact us today!

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