Advanced Email Threat Protection (1 Year)


Advanced Email Threat Protection (1 Year)


  • Allows good email through, keeps bad email out
  • Automatically guards against phishing, spam, threats, and email compromise
  • Strong defense against emerging threats
  • Keep employees efficient by reducing unwanted emails
  • Save time with preset filters
  • Increase adoption with an intuitive interface
  • Easily customizable, straightforward integration
  • Simple to manage and support from one Secure Cloud interface





With Advanced Email Threat Protection You Get:

Attachment Quarantine performs forensic analysis on attachments in Zix’s secure, cloud-based sandbox environment. It can also deliver a disarmed version of files by removing macros or converting files to PDF.

Link Protection rewrites all links to safe versions and performs time-of click analysis on the destination address. Based on testing, users are either automatically redirected to a safe site, provided a warning for suspicious sites, or blocked from potentially malicious sites.

Message Retraction (for Microsoft 365) enhances your incident response with the ability to retract malicious emails already delivered to users’ inboxes. This minimizes risk by taking malicious email out of users’ hands and quickens remediation. The system keeps a detailed audit trail.

24/7/365 Live Threat Analyst Team is constantly identifying new threats, updating the system, and providing warnings.