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With college tuition on the rise, company training budgets thin and motivation low for people to learn new tools, it’s obvious that the way we learn needs to be easier and more accessible. Well, you are in luck. We have compiled quick access links for the most used Microsoft tools. If you are a DIYer, this is for you. With COVID-19 affecting how people work and with more remote users than ever before, users must take it upon themselves to navigate the application landscape that is Microsoft. We hope you find this useful and empowering.


  • Video Training (link)
  • Outlook on iPhone (link)
  • Outlook on Android (link)


  • Video Training (link)


  • Video Training (link)
  • Excel Templates (link)
  • Third Party Templates (link)


  • Video Training (link)
  • PowerPoint Templates (link)


  • Video Training (link)

SharePoint Online

  • Video Training (link)
  • Look Book (link) *Admin Required to Install template
  • Plugins and Appsource (link)


  • Video Training (link)
  • Youtube Channel – Additional Resources (link)

Whether your company is small or big, we can help take off some of the pressures in navigating application troubleshooting, among many other things, for you and your staff. Hopefully the links above will help you out, but if you need more, you know where to find us.