Security and Risk Assessments

With cyber attacks on the rise, it is more important than ever to secure your email. Email remains the number one way cyber attacks infiltrate businesses. Let us help you secure your email while not slowing you down.


HIPAA, SEC, & Network Risk Assessments

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We help businesses reduce fines and improve their overall security by assessing your IT infrastructure. We generate all the reports needed for audits and provide solutions where needed.


Protect your organization

Stay ahead of changing regulations Unlimited data storage and retention. Vendor consolidation and cost savings. Fast and early case assessment for IT and legal. Quicker HR investigations.
Cyber Attack per Min
Avg. Days to Identify a Breach
Amt. of Malware Delivered by Email
Avg Cost of a Ransomware Attack on Businesses

# of Cyber Attack Incidents per Year ($1M+)

2020 YTD*
*445 Million and Counting

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error

Reported Security Incidents related to Phishing Attacks
Apple, Netflix, and Yahoo Account for 25% of Brand Impersonations in Phishing Attacks in Q1 2020
Security Pros Focus on Detection and Containment Instead of Prevention
The Number of Data Records Compromised Daily

Taking The Pain and Misery Out Of Compliance

You might be required to be HIPAA compliant. We can help!

Everything begins with an assessment. Sometimes companies try to sell a service you do not need. Although cyber-attacks are real, we don’t take well to fear tactics and nether should you. We help you mitigate risk, lower cost of ownership, and help secure future business operations.

Learn more about our process


Whether you need to be HIPAA or SEC compliant, or just want a general network security assessment, this is how we measure the performance of your existing system and understand how to help.


Once a full assessment has been completed, we work with you to make the required changes to ensure compliance and to improve overall level of risk. The level of improvements greatly depend on the assessment results.


No system or company can guarantee 100% protection, but we can be proactive and continue to monitor all systems and put in place policies and protocols to help mitigate future risk. A good offense is a good defense.